Disney's Wall-e Toy Robots

Wall-E Toy Robots are HERE!

The Wall-E toy robot, the robotic earth cleaner was first heard of during its 2008 self-titled movie Wall-E. In the movie, which is set in a futuristic plot, the earth has turned into a vast waste basket, and robots called Wall-E were left to clean up the planet. The robots however, shut down and only one was able to survive and continue living by recovering spare parts of other robots just like it.

After the success of the movie, several toys were eventually released in the market. From plush toys to actions figures to robots—kids now have a variety of choices to continuously enjoy Wall-E and experience the movie.

One of the most interactive toys a kid could have is a robotic real life Wall-E. From Thinkway Toys Company comes an action-packed toy called U-Command Wall-E which has convincing expressions, original voice from the movie and sound effects. The toy also has a programmable remote control with over a thousand action combinations. It has 10 buttons for expressions, voice, special effects, and dance among other actions. Another Wall-E toy by the same company is the Interactive Wall-E which is equipped with an original voice and sound effects faithful to the movie, a mechanical movable head and arm, light up eyes, and poseable form. Aside from these two robot toys, Thinkway Toys has various Wall-E and Eve toys with different purposes and qualities.

The interactive Wall-E is available online at Amazon.com for $45 to $50. The U-Command, on the other hand, is available online for $49.95 and can be purchased from Amazon as well.

Moreover, a more advanced Wall-E robot toy was released, made possible by a close collaboration of Disney, Pixar and Thinkway Toys. It is the Ultimate Wall-E which comes with 10 motors to equip the robot with high movement accuracy and touch sensor.

Ultimate Wall-E was launched in June 2008, just right after the theatrical release of its movie. The Ultimate Wall-E which signifies Disney’s entry into the mechanized toy market features various sensors including infrared and touch sensors to help the robot avoid objects around it and sonic hearing to help it detect sound. This toy also comes with a built-in speaker which can be used by playing MP3 player.

Aside from these state-of-the-art specifications, the Wall-E robotic toy also boasts of various modes such as Explore mode, Follow-U mode, MP3 Music mode, Dance mode and Program mode. This toy even has a Talk Back feature, and with the actual voice from the film, Wall-E is capable to chat with its owner. Furthermore, this toy can dance and play music from your MP3. It can either tail you around or explore the surroundings on its own. You can create more than 1000 action series combos by utilizing its programmable IR remote control.

The toy is operated using four AA batteries for the robot and three AA batteries for the remote control. This interactive toy is recommended for kids 8 years old and above.

The Ultimate Wall-E toy can be bought online through Amazon.com

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