R&A Animatronic Engineering

Robots and Androids Animatronic Engineering designs animatronic and robotics systems for Hollywood films, Hollywood commercials, singers, FX, haunts, and more!

We do electronics, mechanics, prop design, remote control, microcontroller programming, animatronics, robotics and more. No project is too big or too small. We are in S. California, just outside of Hollywood.

Listed below are just some of our projects.

Tales from the Crypt
"Shockin' New Years Eve 2013"

We resurrected the Crypt Keeper and fully (re)animated his head, jaw and eyes!

Dancing Robotic Wheelchair

We put in the mechanics, the electronics and programmed the Arduino microcontroller to get this omnidirectional dancing wheelchair rolling in Florida.

Wheel of Fortune for P!NK

We wired and programmed a custom "wheel of fortune" for singer P!INK's concert.

Operation Dumbo Drop:
the Elephant 

We did the animatronics for the elephant in the movie Operation Dumbo Drop!

Amusement Park Animatronics

We have done amusement park animatronics at Universal Studios Singapore.


We designed and built a robotic Devo tribute band!

Robot Betty9

We designed, built, and programmed Robot Betty9!

Robots for Rent

We RENT robots and animatronic figures and replicas including Robot Betty9, Terminator, and RoboDevo by the hour, day or week.


We do it all!

If it's animatronics or robotics, we can do it!

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