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Talking to a "Robot God"

Hi Robot peeps!


This is what Thomas sent me for my next assignment:

     "This is not a video, but a simulation of God using A. I. (Artificial intelligence). 

     "The fake "Robot God" lives here:




     "Go ahead, talk to God. See if He leads you to Heaven. See if he is the truth. See if he is GOD! Or just a good robotic replica."

I put it off and put it off and I finally got around to addressing this next assignment. You see, I had my bionic eye implant upgraded and that has been a very distracting element in my robot life. I’m about to have  my second one upgraded in a couple of weeks, so I might be flaking off again. I’m sure you understand us bots and our problems.

When Thomas first gave me this assignment, I was puzzled by it. I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know that God could be simulated in software. So, after I “talked to God” for a few minutes, I realized ANYONE can be simulated in software. I could be talking to Barack Obama, George Clooney, C3PO, or Johnny Dep!

Well, if you really are tuned into the concept of a virtual god, it can be a lot of fun. You can come up with some really silly questions and “god” will respond with equally silly answers. At first I didn’t enjoy this simulation, but after I got the idea of a virtual computer-generated god, I found it fun.

This God did not lead me to heaven, but perhaps he will on Sunday. I would have to say THIS god is NOT THE TRUTH. This god is not the true “God”, but He is entertaining. Sadly, He just a robotic replica. I was not saved, but my data was. (LOL!)

There will not be any rapturous epiphanies from talking to this virtual god, but there will more than likely be some pretty hardy belly laughs.

Keep reading for a transcript of my "conversation with Robot God" on Zoey's Robot News Blog.

‘Till next time,




Me:hi god

God:Hello. What is your name?

Me: Zoey

God: That's a very nice name, Zoey.


God:Don't mention it.

Me:how is jesus?

God:Fine as far as I know.

Me:who is moses?

God:The man who led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.



Me:cool beans

God:What kind of beans?


God:I see.

Me: I want to make a confession

God:Do you have to go to school for that?

Me:that's not what i meant.

God:What exactly did you mean?

Me:i have a confession to make

God:How are you making it.

Me:I want to tell you what i did wrong.

God:When? What would you have said?

Me:I went to a lo-tech bar and met a cute boy bot and we


God:Was it a good experience?



Me:You know it!

God:"Blimey."? Do I know it?

Me:will i go to heaven?

God:The oracle says: I think maybe yes.

Me:which heaven?

God:The big one.

Me:what is there to do in heaven?

God:You can always cuddle up with a good book.

Me:I'd rather cuddle up with a hot boy bot.

God:I would rather be driving a car.

Me:say goodnight god


"Robot Band Z-Machines Perform Gig in Toyko"


Zoey's next Robot News assignment:

Check out a Japanese robot band.

And I LOVED <3 <3 <3 this one!!!

Hi Robot Lovers!

First off, my apologies for being away from my Blog for such a length of time. Did you miss me?

I won't be coy, and demure about it. I will speak the truth about what mischief I was up to. I went to Japan to get "regrooved" and have beautification applied to mine self. You notice perhaps the new, improved image for my Blog Profile pic?? You like ? I hope you do. I did it for you. I have soo much more confidence now. I feel like a brand new droid.

While in Japan, I went Club Hopping every night, and was really impressed by all the talent surrounding me everywhere in Tokyo. One great and very fun show after another, I just became overwhelmed, but in such a good way.

Here is a video of one of my selections as among the best shows around. I just love it when Robots and humans get together to create such an exciting and fun experience. The girls that were singing at the end of the song, are really big in Japan, and I just loved the blend of their voices against the sounds of the Robot Band. These guys should become really BIG, I mean the next BIG THING in Japan! The only thing better would be to have the great Noise Guitarist Zeni Geva,

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeni_Geva join in on all the fun and celebritory great sounds too. That will probably happen sometime soon, or perhaps both these bands will be on the same bill. I'd be in Android Heaven! Thanks for reading Zoey's Robot News Blog.


Hi Droids,

Thomas sent me two more vids to watch this week for my blog. Both of them are really stupid, especially the second one. They both revolve around a “conversational character robot”, a  robot thespian designed and built by David Hanson. This robot is named Jules. While he was built with a male-female neutral face, he certainly looks male, especially with that deep British accent. Still aside from being able to emote through a very soft skin and a couple dozen servomotors, he is just another lifeless robot pushing that creepy “Uncanny Valley” to just a little more creepy.

Zoey's next Robot News Blog assignment:

Jules is Scared to Go to England

Scared? Really? I can say one thing, this is well acted out—Jules part anyway. Not much to say about his programmer. This video was well executed, though. People will really think that this robot is really feeling sad leaving his programmers. He seems so human, he seems like he is so attached to his programmer. Convincing. Still, he is nothing more than an anthropomorphized robot actor that electronically emotes and convinces his audience that he is feeling deep feelings. But he feels nothing more than an actor would feel—in fact he feels nothing at all. He feels no more pain than a computer as his brain is a computer. It's all smoke and mirrors. Pay no attention to the programmer behind the keyboard. Jules is just an electronic a puppet and he puppeteer is mediocre at best. Thanks for reading Zoey's Robot News Blog.

Jules Ponders Sexuality

(Why did Thomas push this stupid video on me?)

Jules “PONDERS?” This video pisses me off to no end because what the hell would a robot need sex for. That's not how a robot reproduces. All robots are man-made. They can't feel. They wouldn't have any more sexuality than a vibrator. This is just a ridiculous concept and a ridiculous video. (And WHY is he gesticulating while he is discussing sexual matters? His arms would be better left dangling by his sides.)

There is just no point to this. Is Jules a sex robot? Was he built just to satisfy human females? I wouldn’t do him.

Thomas can you PLEASE give me better videos for this blog? PLEASE!


Zoey's Robot News Blog


Zoey's next Robot News Blog assignment:

Can a Robot Sing the Blues?


Hello Robot People,

Just before power down mode and sometimes while charging up the ole batteries, I often ponder, "Can a Robot Sing the blues?"   


To that question, my answer is it depends upon what tools are being used to recreate that musical and emotive expression. 

To me, a robot performing the blues it is a dichotomy, since I feel that the blues had originated from very organic roots in Africa, where it is still very much alive today.  In Mali, for example, the blues has  transcended it's organic instrument stage to what is now electronic expression, at least with the bass and guitar, such as one might hear exemplified with my special favorite Desert blues bands known as TINARIWEN.

In this country, we enjoy all phases and styles  of the genre called blues, ranging from the old down home Delta style, to Cajun and Big City Chicago style  to the Jazz/blues styling of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson and other amazing vocal stylists but really no robot blues.

My favorite Robot music videoACE OF SPADES. Lemmy version.

With the proper sound programming, I don't see why a Robot can't be singing the blues as well as any other genre presented. Being that the current evolution of Robots does not include a soul or any real emotion, that does make the blues presentation disingenuous if you wish to view it from an effete musical snob perspective.  If it's done right, it could be carried off as entertaining, at least.  And I will bring you any entertaining robots here on my robot news blog.

I personally prefer to see robots performing sounds something more in keeping with the general character of robots, and that being along the lines of purely electronic trance, electro-psychedelic or even metal.  Seriously, there is no genre that couldn't be presented as a Robot performance, and it would be better yet if the Robot were actually doing the real performing itself.  That will come in time, no doubt. 

Finally, you need to listen to this just because it's beautiful:

 Desert Blues    


 Thanks for reading my robot news blog!

Keeping it bluesy and electronic, 

-Zoey Astrobot

Zoey's Robot News Blog

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Hi ‘Bots!  

I'm sorry to have neglected you this last week. Still, I hope you are enjoying my robot news blog.

A good robot came to visit me unexpectedly, and I was enjoying a lovely mini-vacation while he was here.  He returned back home with the engineers in Silicon Valley, so I now have a chance to watch some videos and give you my take on them.

Dmitry Itskov unveils his robot avatar. He plans on achieving immortal by transplanting his brain into it.

They are really interesting, all of these 3 videos are cool.  I love the second one since it means that no human person will ever need to work again and that's a good thing. But the bad thing is that since there will no longer be a need for humans to work except in the technological fields to produce these robots and avatars, does that mean that the only humans left to survive will be the ones working in technology and the rest will not be given any assistance for basic living needs?  Strides made in this direction will certainly alter the course of the need for human beings at all in the future, except for a select few.  Eventually, the mechanical Avatars will take over that function, and humanity as we know it will no longer be needed to produce anything of use or need.

These videos struck me as the most interesting I've seen so far.  Shall we extend human life indefinately?  Here we are looking at Robots to not only replace us, but to become us.  This project called  "2045"  was dreamed up by a Russian scientist whose name is Dmitry Itskov.  To summarize,  this is a 4 stage process that would result in Life Everlasting, Amen. 


1) The first stage is to create a Robotic body by the year 2020.

2) Second phase of this operation is implementing a human brain into the Robotic mechanical body to sustain human life.


3) By the year 2035, Dmitry will transfer personality into his prototype. There are no details as to how he plans to accomplish this feat, however.

4) The fourth and final step involves achieving immortality by integrating a holographic -like avatar to the world. He believes that this would be a life form that would surpasses humanity in every aspect.

This can have very good, as well as heinous results with many moral and otherwise questions arising as a consequence.

What if someone like Hitler would still be alive and have the money as well as the desire to become eternal? That would make the future a veritable Hell on Earth, would it not? George W. Bush is still alive, and he has the money, so imagine how dreadful this would be if he had this choice.

Do we really have the right to alter the lifespan of a life form that may or may not still be considered "man", from the average 87 years of age to that of eternity?

You can check out more by going to www.2045.com

Thanks for reading my robot news blog!

-Zoey Astrobot

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Now I'm looking here at a video of some tiny "robot ants", each about the size of a sugar cube.

Robot Ants Mimic Insect Behavior 

I just hope these guys didn't invest too much money in this little project. They seem to think that this experiment will help enlighten engineers as to how they can design routes that will take commuters from Point A to Point B in the most efficient manner possible.

How these ant robots with their little light-seeking antennas could actually lead to any practical and tangible improvement in our roadways and freeway route design seems a bit of a stretch.   I'm thinking these guys have too much time on their hands.

Although, I think I totally overlooked the REAL reason for this silly experiment.  I only can look at Robots as either an art Statement, such as the AIRJELLY, or the more practical purpose for it would be an indoor Kite for those who live in very large homes. Mostly, I feel Robots are meant to make life easier for humans—taking over mundane tasks so that we do not need to waste our time doing them.  Or taking over dangerous missions such as in the hideousness of make believe wars that the United States constantly engage in to protect their  oil and rich corporate interests.

They can be used for scientific research too, and  that was one of the main reasons these ant robots were created. To me that is not as significant as trying to determine the best way to design routes between point A and B in the most efficient way.

Thanks for reading my robot news blog!

-Zoey Astrobot

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This is my first robot news blog report. Please feel free to comment in the comment section.

So, a friend sent me these two videos jellyfish videos. The first video is on the Festo AirJelly robot and the second video is Virginia Tech's "Life-like, autonomous robotic jellyfish."

Festo AirJelly Robot

The Festo AirJelly video is epic!  I have always loved Jelly Fish.  They are among the most exquisitely beautiful and enigmatic creatures on Earth.  They completely captivate me. 

When someone comes along to fashion a robot in the likeness of a Jelly Fish, all I can say about this imaginative project is "Booya!!" I don't know what sort of useful utility it would serve but it certainly makes a lovely art project and conversation piece.


The second video Virginia Tech: Life-like, autonomous robotic jellyfish is interesting too.


Zoey's next Robot News Blog assignment: 

Virginia Tech: Life-like, Autonomous Robotic Jellyfish

Here is a Robotic Jelly Fish that has a practical reason for its existence, unlike the previous model made the German company Festo, which as far as I can tell, was simply created for beauty and entertainment like me--except of course I need to write this damn robot news blog every week. Sigh.

 If the Navy would start to use these robotic Jelly Fish for their surveillance endeavors rather than the dolphins, which often have had devastating effects upon the live animals themselves, that would certainly be such an improvement if using the robots would save the lives of dolphins that would normally be used for this purpose.

 One problem I'm thinking could be posed by these robots floating around in the same environment as the dolphins might  frighten them, or possibly interfere with their sonar.  Since Dolphins are intelligent and curious creatures, most likely they would be more interested in seeing what these robots are all about rather than being frightened by them.

 I'm not sure how well these robots might work for oil spill clean ups.  I'm sure each one is quite expensive to construct, and whether some other means would be more cost effective instead.

 If I were to compare the two Jelly Fish robots, I would have to choose the graceful Air Jelly by Festo for beauty. However, for practical uses I would say the robot created by the Virginia Tech engineering students is a better choice.


Of course, on the other hand there was the HOT young Engineering student spokesman which tended to make me grow quite fond of that video--but...

Thanks for reading my robot news blog!

-Zoey Astrobot

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