Robot Dinosaurs

Robot Dinosaurs Walk the Earth

Robot Dinosaurs. Kids’ toys are becoming more and more interactive and more and more complex. It was just a few decades back when children were satisfied with kites, blocks, dolls, and other non-mechanical toys. But with the onset of digital technology, today’s toys have started to evolve.

The dinosaur toy for example, has through time evolved (pun intended) to cater to children of different generations. Among the earliest known dinosaur toys was King Zor from the Ideal Toy Corporation.

It was 1965 when Ideal introduced King Zor. The toy conceived by Marvin Glass and Associates, included five darts, a dart gun, and five small balls which served as King Zor’s missiles. The dinosaur did not need to be guided, as it automatically backed off and changed directions when its tongue hit an obstruction.

A more recent robotic dino is Roboraptor. It was created by Mark Tilden in 2003, but it was only in 2005 when the toy was finally brought out to the market. The 32-inch toy has a multi-function remote control that utilizes infrared technology.

It is equipped with several sensors that let it interact with its surroundings. It can walk, move around obstacles, and run. It can even collect items while running. 

In 2006, a more complex dinosaur toy was created and was called Pleo. The toy was designed to imitate the appearance and believed-to-be behavior of a young camarasaurus. Toymaker Caleb Chung designed the toy with a relatively large skull to conceal the sensors and motors used for the toy’s movements.

With the Pleo’s artificial intelligence, each robotic toy has the ability to learn from its surroundings and acquire a unique personality. It was February 7, 2007 when Pleo was unveiled in Arizona during the DEMO Conference.

A Pleo toy can be purchased online through its official website:


The website also comes with different services like Pleo toy registration, customer support, and list of distributors.

D-rex, an automated dinosaur toy created by Mattel in 2008 is an interesting toy kids would surely love. D-rex has a life-like appearance and behavior with its reptilian skin and hi-tech sensors. This interactive toy with independent personality can walk, roar, and make funny noises to tell you what it wants.

This bad boy needs to be fed and petted too, much like a normal pet. Kids can even teach the toy different tricks by programming it to carry out a program of up to 30 actions. The dinosaur toy can be purchased online through


Parents have many choices for their kids’ toys and robot dinosaurs not only give entertainment to young boys and girls, but also aid in the development of the kids’ imagination.

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