The Robot College is Here!

A Robot College called
The California Institute of Robotics

A robot college in California? We at Robots and Androids have been working on a new and VERY EXCITING PROJECT. We are opening the VERY FIRST ROBOTICS SPECIALTY COLLEGE!

Our new college, California Institute of Robotics will be opening its doors for business in Fall of this year and start classes the following year!

We have designed a college that WE WOULD WANT TO ATTEND. It starts with robotics and artificial intelligence and goes on to animatronics and mechatronics and continues through medical and automotive robotics. If you ever wanted to study robots and robotics in college, THIS IS THE COLLEGE FOR YOU! (We will be learning with Nao robots and Arduinos and more!)

I have put hundreds of hours into planning and preparing for our opening day, and I know that there are still hundreds of hours more to go.

So, if you are thinking about attending a college specializing in many disciplines of robotics, think CIR.

Imagine a college.

Imagine a specialized engineering college where you get to study HANDS-ON ROBOTICS the very FIRST SEMESTER!


Now, imagine the California Institute of Robotics!


The California Institute of Robotics offers not just classes in robotics, but BACHELOR DEGREES in ROBOTICS.


If you dream of robotics and artificial intelligence, at CIR you will learn to DESIGN AND BUILD AND PROGRAM ROBOTS with AI!


CIR is the one college on planet Earth that brings it all the disciplines of robotics together for your EDUCATIONAL JOURNEY in ROBOTICS and A.I.


According to their web page:

"The California Institute of Robotics is a technological learning institution that leads the way in robotics sciences and engineering. CIR is the premier engineering college in the United States specializing in the robotics field."


"Our method of concurrent theoretical and applied education in robotics and engineering will enlighten, will engage, and will INSPIRE YOU to become a leader in robotics engineering."


"Our academic culture encourages and provide you with a vehicle for a successful future in the field of robotics"


"An education in robotics is a life enhancing and rewarding opportunity that will enable you to imagine, theorize, and design robots."

To borrow a line from Professor Callaghan in the movie Big Hero 6,

"We push the boundaries of robotics here at the California Institute of Robotics."

"Our students go on to shape the future of robotics!"