R2D2 Toy Robot

R2D2 Toy Robot

R2d2 Toy Robot. Robot toy manufacturers definitely get inspiration from popular robots of successful movies. One such example is R2D2 from the timeless flick Star Wars. R2D2 which was seen in the movie’s first installment Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, has since been a favorite among robot enthusiasts, young and old alike.

In the sci-fi movie series, R2D2 was featured as an ingenious, adventurous and spirited astromech droid from the tranquil world of Naboo. The real R2D2 in the movie is a .96-meter unit provided with all kinds of tool-tipped attachments that made him the starship mechanic and specialist on the computer interface.

After the success of the movie, toy manufacturers had taken inspiration from R2D2. Among these toys was the Sonic land-Speeder, released in 1978, which was controlled by sound. In order to make it run and change directions, the user has to click the R2D2-shaped controller. Another type of R2D2-inspired toy manufactured by Kenner was the Star Wars plush R2D2 toy, among other Star Wars characters released in 1979.

These days, more advanced R2D2 toy robots are available in the market. Hammacher has released a voice activated R2D2 toy robot. This technically-advanced mechanical model can respond to different voice commands, go up the stairs, and move around the room in its usual pace. It is capable of following 40 voice commands such as “turn around”, “R2 behave yourself” and “move backward”.

You can also make it participate in games such as tag with the use of its built-in infrared sensor to search for people around the room. The sensor also allows the R2D2 robot to go after you. This toy robot is equipped with a revolving dome head and can also make distinctively happy and sad sounds. It is even capable of playing dialogues and sounds from the Star Wars movies. Answering yes-no questions is possible too. This R2D2 toy is powered by four AA and four D batteries and is ideal for kids 8 years old and up. It can be purchased online through http://www.hammacher.com/Product/Default.aspx? sku=77944&refsku=75698 for $199.85.

Another R2D2 replica released in 2002 by Hasbro is called R2D2 Interactive Astromech droid, which is available in the market. This toy features a concealed cargo compartment, a unique movable utility-arm which can hold beverages, a detachable sensor range, light beam, microphones, and a flexible droid mood status gauge. Considered to be among the most advanced droids around, this R2D2 robotic toy is equipped with routing technology and location sensors.

Hasbro’s R2D2 also comes in three vocal prompt modes with three menu functions and six different capabilities. R2D2 Interactive Astromech can use its infrared scanner to search or avoid people, use its sonar system to detect surfaces around it, use its three microphones to interact with people, execute an action after given a voice command, respond to an outside stimulus, and utilize its artificial intelligence engine to carry out its desires.

R2D2’s astonishing attributes consist of moving around on its own, turning its front ray on and off, and play secret message executed through an accurate voice command.

This robotic toy can be purchased online through http://www.amazon.com/Star-Interactive-Astromech-Droid-Robot/dp/B001E95SQ2.

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