Micromedicine Advances in Research on Swarming Robots

Micromedicine is one of the most studied fields of medical robot developers, and recently, another research using tiny robots has been launched. Research on swarming robots led by Sheffield Centre for Robotics is expected to yield results that could help establish rules for the development of tiny nanobots for micromedicine.

This research involves the use of forty small, independently moving swarm robots that can be programmed to swarm together when given command of when they encounter a specific stimulus. The result of this study is hoped to give way to the development of swarms of miniature nanobot drones that can attack, with microscopic precision, harmful pathogens in the human body.

In a news release, Dr. Roderich Gross, head of the University of Sheffield's Natural Robotics Lab, disclosed that they are developing artificial intelligence to control these robots in a variety of ways.

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