Learned From My Robot?

Robot Wisdom: All I Really Need to Know About Life, I Learned From My Robot!

All I Really Need to Know About Life, I Learned From My Robot

  • Chair legs are quite invisible until you slam into one.
  • The logical way is the only way.
  • Robot dogs never need to be walked.
  • Never upset an A. I. if it is running your life support systems.
  • Robots love the song "Daisy."
  • Robot directives are sometimes classified.
  • From time to time ALL robots fall, even Honda's Asimo with $100 million in research.
  • It is always best to clean up your code.
  • Always charge your batteries fully before a big day.


Go ahead. Go beyond your original programming. Grow beyond your original programming. You may just discover what it is like to be human.


  • Sensors show you the world.
  • People are sometimes more robotic than robots.
  • Don’t byte off more than you can compile.
  • You are only as popular as you have FaceBook friends.
  • Never forget how much memory you have.
  • Irritating and/or irrational robots have an 'off' switch. Irritating and/or irrational humans don’t.
  • In cyberspace no one can hear you scream.
  • Life’s little interrupts let you know when it's time to make your more important decisions.
  • An Android cell phone is not a robot.
  • The best software in the world cannot fix a stripped gear.
  • Life is like this void loop() {wakeup(); work(); recharge();}
  • Input is essential.
  • Robots should look like robots and people should look like people. The uncanny valley creeps out most people.
  • You can't always trust a robot that looks like a governor, nor a governor that looks like a robot.
  • File sharing is a good thing, but only if you have a good virus checker installed.
  • If a robot falls in a forest it’s gonna break a few parts. If it falls on a city sidewalk, it’s gonna break a LOT of parts.



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Some people learn from their parents. Some learn from their teachers. Others learn from books. Still others learn from the internet, perhaps on youtube or facebook. I learned most about life from my robot.