Game Camera Security Box

There is no better Game Camera Security Box on the market.

Our PATENTED Locked On Trail and Game Camera Security Box is the best on the market. Check out the youtube videos!

We are stronger than any other security box on the market.

We mount more securely than any other security box on the market.

We are better than any other security box on the market.

This PATENTED trail / game camera lock box was invented by a hunter who had gotten his cameras stolen so many times he invented his own lock box. He studied all of the other camera security boxes and made his box stronger and more thief-proof. 

No other security box is built as strong. No other security lock box protects your camera investment as well.

We cost more than the other guys, but how much have you spent on your cameras? How many cameras have you lost to thieves?

How many more cameras are you going to lose?

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Our 11-way security keeps your camera safe:

  1. 27 pounds of 3/16 inch steel in all
  2. 12” curved radius back contour’s the tree leaving no exposed opening
  3. “Spinners" prevent any thief with a reciprocating saw from cutting lag bolts
  4. Steel u-shaped lock shroud
  5. Steel locking loop
  6. Two steel pins on the interior part of the box that prevent the outside cover from being pulled off.
  7. A disc lock
  8. Five attachment holes to secure the security box to the tree
  9. Five lag bolts for a strong hold
  10. Steel plates for to fit your camera
  11. Steel adjustable camera shelf

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We work with these cameras:

  1. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 
  2. Bushel Trophy Cam HD Essential E2
  3. Browning Trail Camera Recon Force Platinum Series
  4. Browning Trail Camera Strike Force sub micro Series
  5. Cuddeback Digital Ambush Country IR
  6. Cuddeback Digital Black Flash model E3
  7. Cuddeback Digital Long Range IR Model E2
  8. Moultrie A-20
  9. Moultrie M-880 Gen 2
  10. Moultrie M-990i Gen 2
  11. Primos Easy Cam
  12. Primos Proof Camera 03 Blackout
  13. Stealth Cam G34 Pro
  14. Stealth Cam G45NG Pro
  15. Wildgame Innovations Axe 5
  16. Wildgame Innovations Cloak 5 Lightsout
  17. Wild game Innovations Cloak 8 Trail Pad 
  18. Wildgame Innovations Nano 12
  19. Wildgame Innovations Razor X8

***NOTE*** If your Trail Game Camera is not listed below please check the measurements to see if your camera fits in the box.

Don't Lose Another Camera!

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