Amazing 3D Printing

Amazing 3D Printing:
7 Fascinating Things About 3D Printers

Amazing 3D Printing . 3D printers are known for employing the process called additive manufacturing. Once exclusively used for industrial purposes, it has turned out a mainstream option among consumers. More and more people are looking to 3D printing for personal, business and industrial purposes. If you haven’t fallen in love with 3D printing yet, here are the 7 things why you just might, soon…

1. 3D printing can print cars

The makers of the Skyfall, the latest addition to the James Bond movie employed Voxeljet, the German printing company to come up 1:3 scale models of the iconic Aston Martin DB5, only to destroy it during filming.

2. 3D printing can print phones

Nokia’s latest offering to the market, the Lumia 820, had its shell printed by 3D printing firm, Makerbot. In just one day, the specs were made available.

3. 3D printing benefits the medical field

3D printing has become an essential part of the medical field. If one wants an image of the hip, all you have to do is print it out! Prosthetics printing is also popular. Another innovation took place in Belgium after 3D printed titanium was implanted on an 83 year-old woman.

Simply attach your 3D printer to your CAT scanner and it’s only a matter of pressing the print button before you get the exact, specific image of whatever part of your body you want to see. 3D printers can also help surgeons do their job even better. They can use this to print out the exact clone of a tumor that can help medical teams during an operation. This amazing 3D printing makes it easier for surgeons to have a real-life view of what they are looking for.

4. 3D printing can be used in breaking records

Warfare has also seen its share in benefiting from 3D printers. For example, Wing Commander Andy Green plans to smash the land speed record this year while operating the Bloodhound SSC faster than 1,000mph. The car was stuffed with 3D printed facilities. Green also used CAD and a clay molding while a titanium steering wheel was printed out as a custom fit for any driver.

5. Electron circuitry can be integrated with electronic circuits

Scientists at the University of Warwick did just this.  In fact, they have invented the carbomorph, a form of ink made of granules of polyester to produce an uncooked version of a material, used to make a computer game controller and a mug that can detect when it’s full.

6. 3D printing helps astronomers

NASA, in cooperation with the Washington State University, has been researching and designing a form of 3D printing using moon dust. Before too long, we might be seeing the onsite fabrication of a moon-base, made of materials that are earth-based. Astronauts on the other hand use this technology to restore or replace broken equipment.

7. 3D printing enables file sharing

File-sharing is now made easy with 3D printing. One company developed a sort of file-sharing software called ‘Physibles.” This has been described as “‘data objects’ that are able (and feasible) to become physical” with the use of a 3D printer. All you have to do is simply install 3D blueprints. Anyone who has the file can ‘print them out’ and get a virtual image.