Artificial Intelligence Robot

Program and Share your own Artificial Intelligence Robot for Free!

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So you want to write an AI (artificially intelligence robot) agent app, like Siri, or Cortana or Alexa, or even Microsoft's infamous Tay. The good new is that the task ahead of you won't take any special schooling or tools beyond your own computer.

In this article we will teach you how to get started creating your own custom conversational A.I. app. It's really much simpler than you would think. You create a free account at Pandorabots, customize it, and share the URL with your friends. Next you add your own robot. Now this article gets you the agent. Building the robot itself is covered elsewhere on this web site.

1. Create Your Account

Creating and artificial intelligent robot starts with an account.

2. Customize Your AI Agent's Properties

Customizing your artificial intelligent robot agent's personality begins with choosing and adjusting its "properties"

3. Run Your AI Agent

Yes, now you can run your artificial intelligent robot agent's software in Pandorabots. At this point, it's crude and it's sometimes rude. But don't fret, a perfect chatting pal is just a few (?) steps away.

4. Sharing Your AI Agent with the World!

Now that you have had a chance to chat with your artificial intelligent robot agent, correct a few issues and properties, you can now share her with the world.

5. Fine Tuning Your AI Agent

So, you are not happy with a lot of what your artificial intelligent robot agent's replies. No problem. Now it is time to fix them. But, don't think it will be easy. Your chatbot consists of THOUSANDS of questions and answers. You will need to review each and every one to make the AI your own.

So, How Does My Agent Work?

Your artificial intelligent robot agent has some really sweet software behind it. Not complicated really, but quite impressive anyway.

How do I Hook Up my AI Agent to a Physical Robot?

There is an easy way and a hard way to hook up your chatty entity to a physical robot. We are going to show you the easy way!

What Else Can It Do?

Pandorabots chatbot software can be expanded. But even without expansion it has a few tricks up its sleeve.